Sharing Memories

Sharing Memories

Team Members
Chandlyr Jackson, Rance Pritchard, Scott Noh
Industrial Design, UX Design, Brand Strategy

How many of your photos are destined to live out their lives on a hard drive? Lifeprint set out with a goal to turn peoples digital memories physical.

The family of Lifeprint printers

A nifty little printer

Lifeprint is a family of portable printers designed for anyone who wants to make tangible copies of their most precious memories. I worked with Lifeprint over the last three years overseeing the design and development of their iOS and Android app. We have overhauled the app several times to keep it current while listening to user feedback.

Printing video

During the development of this app, the craze of Augmented Reality hit the app market. The team came up with the idea of ‘Hyperphotos’, which are videos embedded inside photos that can be viewed through the app.

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