The Connected Boat
Siren Marine

The Connected Boat

Siren Marine
Team Members
Ryan Rice
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

In an industry that has remained low tech and rooted in heritage, Siren Marine is challenging the status quo by bringing the internet of things to the seas.

A trusty sentry

Imagine leaving one of your most valuable investments out of sight for days or even weeks. Siren Marine's products put boaters at ease by allowing them to check in on their vessels remotely.

Together we developed their first line of wireless sensors. This little sensor packs a multitude of features. They wirelessly monitor the different systems of a boat including battery level, temperature and the presence of water.

Built to last

The housing is IP-68 waterproof and includes co-molded metal contacts. When these contacts touch water the sensor will send a 'high water' alert to the boat owner's cell phone.

A modular solution

This waterproof connector transforms the wireless sensors into a multifunctional object. The image below shows all configurations. Each connector houses a unique PCB depending on its function.

From the left; Bilge sensor, Voltage sensor, Temperature sensor, High water alarm and door alarm

Future collaborations

What's next? Here's a sneak peek of a few of the new sensors launching this year.

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