The Press Vessel

The Press Vessel

Team Members
Hunter Craighill, Zach Fried, Chelsea Avery, and Darren Lee
Industrial Design, Engineering, Design for Manufacturing

"The Press Vessel is a special home for worldly treasures. Fashioned from precision-machined anodized aluminum, it’s an airtight container that’s equally suited to storing rare spices or heirloom jewelry." -Zach Fried

The use of the press vessel is limited only by the creativity of its owner. Measuring at 2.5" D and 2.1" H anything that fits inside it is fair game!

The majority of our design time was spent tuning the open and close feel. We wanted to achieve a delicate balance between a confidently sealed closure and a relatively effortless opening. A large chamfer creates an undercut detail that provides leverage to help you open the vessel.

Consciously or unconsciously the weight and texture of a product heavily influences our perceived value of a product. The press vessel feels substantial in your hand, weighing in at 5 oz with a 1/10" wall section.

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