The Tycho Puzzle

The Tycho Puzzle

Team Members
Hunter Craighill, Zach Fried, Chelsea Avery, Kelly Robinson, and Darren Lee
Industrial Design, Engineering, Design for Manufacturing

The Tycho puzzle is the third puzzle launched by the team at Craighill. Our goals were simple, to design a puzzle that was challenging but approachable that would last as an heirloom and bring joy to the person who interacts with it.

It was quickly apparent that sketching ideas would only get m This project challenged me to re my design process by thinking mechanically and strategically.

This book was my bible for a few weeks. Daily, I would crack it open every chance I got to further understand the strategic process of designing puzzles. I loved the idea that most puzzles can be distilled down to 2D concepts and then pushed further into 3D. For the form, I was inspired by abstract sculpture and the geometric art of Claude Lothier.

This mess of planes represents some of the initial building blocks that created the final puzzle. A grid was created around the volume and then split by the angled planes. The next challenge was to find a way to reassemble the pieces to create an interlocking puzzle.

We also wanted the puzzle to be a natural extension of the existing two puzzles. The blended cube form seemed like a nice pairing along side the Venn and Jack puzzle.

I'm extremely happy with how this project came out and I would probably laugh at you if you told me in college that I would end up designing a cube one day. Shout out to the design professors who made me make 50 identical cubes in every material imaginable, y'all are the real MVP's.

Floored by the response via Kickstarter, the project reached its goal within hours and raised $321,000 by the end of the campaign.

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