Stroll In Style

Stroll In Style

Team Members
Catherine Jameson, Dan Grove
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

Uppababy is a leading brand in the stroller industry, delivering high-quality and stylish products that help improve parents' lives. In collaboration with their design team, I designed a universal cupholder that is compatible with all Uppababy strollers.

Customers wanted a new revision

The last straw

You're tired, you're stressed and you're dealing with a fussy child who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You place your one lifeline (a venti cappuccino) into your Uppababy cupholder and BOOM it flips over and spills all over the floor. Annoying, right?


I analyzed the old cupholder to see where we could improve. My proposed solution consisted of a higher center of gravity, a more secure cup holding mechanism and a keyed snap feature to lock rotation.

The cupholder was designed to attach to five unique Uppababy strollers as well as stay on while the stroller collapsed


I thought through several concepts for a moldable assembly strategy. Several options were considered including over-mold tabs, snap fit spring fingers and friction fit trapped TPU parts. We ended up with an elegant two-part assembly; the main cup and a ring of flexible fingers both molded in BPA free Tritan.

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